Book Review: ‘Crashing The A-List’ Is A Fun Rom-Com

So I have read a lot of rom-coms over the years and they have the same basic format. Two people that don’t like each other are thrown together for various reasons and then slowly realize they like each other and then get together and then something happens to break them up and then maybe they get back together. And I love reading them for the most part.

Clara Montgomery works in publishing and lost her job and her apartment. She is now staying on the couch of her brother and his finance in New York. Her mother wanted her to move back in with her at her house in Buffalo but Clara wasn’t having it. She’s been sending out her resume. In the meantime she has a temporary job working at a storage unit cleaning out units that have been abandoned. She has been told to throw away anything not of value and anything of value she can keep short of cash and jewelry.

The units are kind of boring until she comes across one that was use to store records of an escort service. She starts to go through the boxes of records and wonders if she will see any famous names. And then there it is. A famous actor today named Caspian Tiddleswich. She then gets his contact info and tries to let him know his secret is safe. He thinks she is trying to blackmail him and shows up at her place and threatens to call the police. Then somehow a picture of the two of them show up on TMZ and everyone thinks she is his girlfriend (he is single).

So he tells her that she will pretend to be his girlfriend for a while as payback for allegedly threatening to blackmail him (which she wasn’t going to do). So from this point you can see where this is going. They don’t like each other and get to know each other and then things happen and then more things happen and the question is will they end up together?

Crashing The A-List is a really good one. It has great characters and a fun story line. You find yourself rooting for the characters of Clara and Caspian to work out their differences and be together. There’s also some great LOL moments that makes the story that much more fun to read. I just read right through it as I wanted to see how it would turn out. A great summer read.

You can pick up the book Crashing The A-List in stores on Tuesday, July 9th from Mira Books.

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