Book Review: ‘Contraband’ Is The Next Fun Stone Barrington Novel

Stone Barrington is back and indirectly gets involved with a smuggling operation that starts in Key West and follows him back to New York City. And of course this being Stone it involves two women.

While cruising on his yacht in Key West with Dino and Viv, a small plane crashes in the water next to the boat. Stone jumps in to rescue the pilot and notices cases in the back of the craft. When the coast guard arrives to take the man to the hospital one of them is left behind. A beautiful woman named Max. So of course Stone immediately has her in his bed. She’s a detective for the local police department. When they investigate the plane the next morning the cases are gone and then the plane is gone.

Stone returns to New York while Max investigates in Key West but finds nothing. Stone soon meets a socialite Robbie who asks him advice about divorcing her husband and keeping herself safe. He puts her in touch with Herbie at the law office and soon Stone has her in bed. When her husband is found dead the next day it raises a lot of questions about her and was she involved.

Soon the Key West case and this murder have gotten connected and Stone joins in the search to see if they’re connected somehow. And is a side story Holly had won the Democratic nomination to run to be the next President of the United States.

I love reading these Stone Barrington books. The characters at this point are so well written and the stories are really easy to read. And some truly funny LOL moments with Stone, Dino and Viv. If you’re a fan of continuing stories and characters no time like now to jump on in.

You can pick up Contraband, the 50th book in the series, in stores on Tuesday, August 13th from Putnam.

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