Book Review: ‘Consumed’ Is The Start Of A Great New Firefighters Series By J.R. Ward

J.R. Ward is known for her best-selling book series of the Black Dagger. Now she has written something completely different with her new book Consumed. It is set in the world of firefighters and what they go through on and off the job. It’s a great look at what they go through, how they do their job and live their personal lives. It’s never easy and J.R. gives a great look into this world of heroes.

The story is set around Anne Ashburn who is continuing the legacy of her family of firefighters. Her brother is a chief and her late dad was also a firefighter. He died many years ago and Anne heard somethings about him and has had issues with her mother ever since.

Danny McQuire is a bad boy but is great at his job. He doesn’t always follow the rules. They have hooked up and neither is sure if it will go anywhere. During a massive fire Anne is trapped and Danny goes to rescue her and has to do the unthinkable and both are injured. Anne is forced to leave the force. Danny is in bad shape as well mentally. Both recover as best they can from that night.

A series of fires has become suspicious and Anne now is a arson investigator and notices these things. She starts to investigate and it leads her to a high powered man who can be dangerous. Danny is also out of control and Anne receives a call to please try and help him. It’s been a long time since that night that they have talked. They really don’t settle things other than there is still an attraction between them.

When Anne’s live is threatened Danny is there to protect her and they grow closer. When false information is spread and Anne gets to close to the arson truths her life is in grave danger when she figures it all out. Will Danny be able to help her out before it’s too late?

A great story of potential love, danger, fires and as I said above the live of firefighters. There are twists and turns and leading up to a final reveal that is deadly and dangerous for all involved. I can’t wait for more stories in this great new series.

You can pick up Consumed in stores on Tuesday, October 2nd from Gallery Books.

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