Book Review: ‘Connections In Death’ Is The Next Exciting Eve Dallas Book

Eve Dallas has had a slow time at work lately. She even had a whole Sunday off to laze around and have lots of sex with Roarke. They are also opening a new school and shelter for for young people. Roarke has hired Dr. Rochelle Pickering as a child psychologist, She lives with brother Lyle who’s a former drug addict, gang banger and has spent time in jail. He’s gotten his stuff together and everything seems good.

Until Rochelle comes home and finds Lyle dead of an overdose. She calls Eve who rushes over and she finds it wasn’t an overdose but a murder. She calls Peabody and the rest of the crime scene and starts her investigation. A neighbor tells them she saw a woman and three men show up at Lyle’s place (Rochelle had left to go to dinner).

As Eve starts her investigation it brings her into a new world she hasn’t had to deal with before. The world of the gang bangers, the underground sex clubs and the drug dealers. There are two gangs fighting for superiority in the area. As she narrow downs her investigation she has to get a team together to storm the bangers house and it leads to a climatic fight which could be the death of any number of people involved in the raid to get the murderers.

Author J.D. Robb (Nora Roberts) brings Eve into a new world with candor and excitement. This being the 48th book in the series shows no sign of slowing down. There’s some LOL moments when terms are used and Eve has no idea what they mean. There’s also some hot sex scenes that might make you blush a little bit. The love story of Eve and Roarke is the backbone of the series in every book. It’s what helps define Eve as a person after the past she has had. You can easily jump into the series as each book is written like a standalone and enough information is given on who is who and their backstories to understand everything,

You can pick up Connections In Death in stores on Tuesday, February 5th from St. Martin’s Press.

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