Book Review: ‘Confessions Of An Innocent Man: A Novel’ May Be One Of The Best Books Of The Year

Confessions Of An Innocent Man is the debut novel from author David R. Dow. And what a great book it is! It’s the story of a man wrongfully convicted and imprisoned and sentenced to die for the murder of his wife.

This is the story of Rafael Zhettah, who owns a restaurant in Houston and is the head chef. He’s pilot, a bachelor and is content with his life. Then he meets her Tieresse, She’s older, beautiful and rich. She loves his food and becomes a regular. She also likes him and before you know it they are getting married. There’s just one thing. She has a condition that makes sex really hard for her. So they have a deal if Rafael wants to be other women he can, she just doesn’t want to know. Then one night when they are having a going away party for a server, Rafael gets busy with her in his apartment above the restaurant. That same night Tieresse is murder and of course the first person suspected is the husband. He has an alibi but it’s flimsy since both people were drunk.

He’s arrested and convicted and sentenced to be put to death. He has new lawyers, has appeals and has no luck getting his conviction overturned. When new evidence is found his conviction is overturned and he’s free. He forms a plan to get revenge on three people that have kept him in prison. He puts his plan into motion and it leads to him being out of control and it could have deadly consequences.

Author David. R. Dow has been fighting with death-row inmates for years and knows of what he writes in this book. The character of Rafael is fascinating. The story is riveting with twists and turns and you won’t want to put the book down. It really makes you think about the judicial system. If David keeps writing books like this he will be a force to be reckoned with in the future.

You can pick up the book in stores on Tuesday, April 9th from Dutton.

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