Book Review: ‘Complicit: A Novel’ By Winnie M Li

All Sarah Lai wanted from a young age was to work in the movies as a producter/writer and she got her chance ten years ago at a small company in New York. Today she works at a college and wants nothing more to do with the movie business. Things happened back then that she had no idea would happen and it soured her on the business. And now she gets an e-mail form a New York Times reporter who’s working on a story about her former executive producer Hugo North, a powerful, rich, ruthless man, who in 2006 had to have things his way. Now in the time of #MeToo certain things have come to light about him and Sarah has a lot of information that could be helpful to the story. Things she never told anyone before and now must face her past in order to put it behind her. This is an intense look at the movie business by someone that worked in it and went through things she never should have. A novel you won’t want to put down.

You can pick up Complicit in stores on Tuesday, August 16th from Atria.

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