Book Review: ‘Come With Me: A Novel’ Is A Look At One Dysfunctional Family

Amy Reed, her husband Dan and their 3 kids (17 year old Jack and twins Miles and Theo) live in Silicon Valley. They are your normal family dealing with normal everyday things. But they are a little less normal than most. Amy works for a start-up tech company with young Donny. Dan is an unemployed journalist, who lies in bed most of the time with his laptop looking for work (or so he claims). Jack is online 24/7 with his girlfriend Lily, who lives in Dallas (they Skype and face-time). And the twins are always getting in trouble in school. It’s never a dull moment. And now things are getting even more dysfunctional.

Donny has a program that runs alternate realities for people and has run one on Amy and wants her to be the guinea pig for his new program he’s trying to sell to Google. She doesn’t want to as it changes her whole life to a different outcome and what her life might have been with different choices. Dan is going through a mid-life crisis. He has met a woman named Maryam, an award winning photographer, who is going to Fukushima and she wants Dan to go with her. The city has been almost destroyed and she wants him to write a story and she will take pictures. He also starts an affair with him. He just took off with her and barely told her family.

While he’s gone her son Jack and the family suffer a big loss and he’s not there to help. He finally returns but things are not good because of what Dan did. They will have to figure out what will become of their lives.

This book has it all. A family in crisis, a look at a start up trying to come up with and release new technology and characters that you care about and root for. The parts with Jack and Lily being online 24/7 has it’s funny moments at times. There’s a few twists you don’t see coming but in the end the novel is about family and friends and communication with one another.

You can pick up Come With Me, written by Helen Schulman, in stores Tuesday, November 27th from Harper.

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