Book Review: ‘Cold Brew Corpse: A Coffee Lover’s Mystery’ By Tara Lush

After solving the murder of one of her baristas and winning an award for her coffee, things are looking up for Lana Lewis, owner of Perkatory. She has a new dog named Stanley and has a first date with the chief of police. But that date has to be postponed when Raina Rose, owner of the yoga studio next to the coffee shop goes missing. When her body turns up dead, Lana is offered a job to write about it for the local paper. As she investigates she finds a list of potenital suspects as to who might have committed the murder. This conflicts with her potential new romance and once again puts her life in jeopardy. This is a solid follow-up to the first novel. It has the same small-town feel and the quirky characters we come to expect in these kind of novels.

You can pick up Cold Brew Corpse in stores on Tuesday, December 7th from Crooked Lane.

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