Book Review: ‘Code 6: A Novel’ By James Grippando

Kate Gamble is going to law school and is a writer of plays. She has a big break reading in front of a famour producer, who could produce her play. It doesn’t go well and she leaves in tears. Then on the way home to her rich parent’s penthouse where she is living, there’s a traffic jam and she soon finds out why, her mother has jumped to her death and left a note she did it for Kate. Her father Christian, is the CEO and owner of Buck Technologies, whose software is used by the CIA, among other major organizations. Kate soon interns at the business and meets up with Patrick, a man she babysat for when he was a kid. And then Patrick is sent away after mentioning a secret project. Then she learns the company is under audit from the Justice Department, led by her ex-boyfriend Noah. And then Patrick vanishes and then is kidnapped and a ransom is made. Kate is asked to spy for both her father and Noah, and has no idea who she can trust. She’s detemined to save Patrick and goes off on her own to do it. And it comes down to Code 6 in order to save his life and as a plan is put it place, the bodies start dropping and Kate is on her own. Another great thriller from James Grippano that is all action and never lets up. With twists and turns, you want to keep reading. Only James can write this kind of novel.

You can pick up Code 6 in stores on Tuesday, January 3rd from Harper.

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