Book Review: ‘Clock Dance: A Novel’ Is One Woman’s Enjoyable Story

This is Willa Drake’s story. There’s nothing unusable about her. No twisted murder, kidnapping or anything bad. It’s just her normal life starting in 1967 when she was a young girl and having to deal with her parents dysfunctional marriage. Her mom would disappear from time to time and it would just be her dad, sister and herself until she came back.

Flash ahead ten years to 1977 and Willa is in college and dealing with her boyfriend Derek and his marriage proposal. She’s twenty-one and has her whole life ahead of her. She loves him but isn’t quite ready to get married. She takes Derek home to meet her parents and has a frightening encounter on the airplane. And then her parents having to meet Derek.

Now twenty years later in 1997 she and Derek are married with two kids when tragedy strikes one night. Then the story ends in 2017 when Willa receives a strange phone call that will change her life and give her new meaning.

Pulitzer prize winning author Anne Tyler has written a fascinating look at one the life of Willa. From the first page you are engrossed in her story and life. You become emotionally involved in the characters life and those around here and what she will do and how she will do it. A perfect summer read at the beach, pool or lake.

You can pick up Clock Dance in stores on Tuesday, July 10th from Knopf.

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