Book Review: ‘City On The Edge: A Novel’ By David Swinson

For 13-year old Graham his life is about to take a major change in the year 1974. He dad works for the Government and they have had to live in various places around the world. Now it’s time for another move to Beirut, which is in the middle of a war zone in the middle east. He isn’t sure what his father actually does but he thinks he might be with the CIA. He makes some news American friends where they live and soon he gets involved in situations that are not good. A murdered man, his parents fighting all the time and bombings taking place. Soon he and his dad find themselves in danger and it will be a time he will never forget.

A solid coming of age story, set in a turbulent time, that author David Swinson describes perfectly. You follow Graham’s story and root for the young man as you read along.

You can pick up City On The Edge in stores on Tuesday, May 25th from Mulholland Books.

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