Book Review: ‘City Of Secrets’ Is The Next Elizabeth Miles Thriller

by | Nov 1, 2018 | Books | 0 comments

I enjoy Victoria Thompson books. If you haven’t read any of her books may I suggest her Gaslight mystery series until this new one comes out. Her stories have great characters, intriguing stories and are just fun to read. This is her second book with Elizabeth Miles (I didn’t read the first one). You don’t have to have read it as she gives enough backstory so you understand who is who and what’s going on.

The story cents on Elizabeth Miles in the days before women won the right to vote. She is a Suffragette and has been thrown in jail for her protesting along with the mother of the man she loves and may marry named Gideon. She has become friends with Priscilla Knight, who recently lost her second husband Endicott Knight to a mysterious death, in the last couple of years. She found out he took all her money and she’s now poor and has no idea what she will do.

Elizabeth says she will help and try and figure out where all the money went. Priscilla isn’t sure why she married the man or even remembers it. She just knows that Reverend Honesdale and his wife Daisy introduced them and told her she should marry him. They gave the impression she was broke (she wasn’t) and he had money. By the time he died being hit by a train he was broke and her money was gone.

When Elizabeth finds a compromising picture of him with another woman she figures he was being blackmailed over it. She and Gideon, his mother and her con-artist father are on the case and start investigating it. All roads lead back to one conclusion. And Elizabeth must use her past as a con-artist, which goes against everything Gideon stands for to crack the case. It also might cost her the man she loves.

A fun, enjoyable story that touches on the moment of women in the early 20’s, a romance with a strong female lead character and a delightful story with enjoyable characters. I will look forward to more stores with Miss Miles in the future.

You can pick it up in stores on Tuesday, November 6th, from Berkley Prime Crime Hardcover.