Book Review: ‘Cilka’s Journey’ By Heather Morris

Heather Morris is back with the follow up to her best-selling novel The Tattooist Of Auschwitz with Cilka’s Journey. It follows the live of Cilka who was sixteen years old when she was sent to a concentration camp in Auschwitz. She survives the camp and later the Russians come and liberate the camp and find survivors. But for Cilka freedom will not come. She is deemed a spy and someone that worked for the Nazis, even though she didn’t.

She is sentenced to 15 years in prison and sent away to a Siberian camp. The conditions are harsh just line in Auschwitz. She has to be strong and follow the rules to survive. She meets a nice female doctor who takes her under her wing and soon Cilka is working with her helping to treat the ill people in the camp. She still has to watch her step while helping out as the guards take notice and Cilka wants to stay under the radar. She soon learns that she can help people and still survive and feel for others as she has to live in these harsh conditions.

I didn’t read the first book and this one is based on a true story. It shows the brutal conditions that these people had to live under during a horrible time in the world’s history. You feel for and root for Cilka as you read this book and see how she finds strength in a time when she could just give up.

You can pick up Cilka’s Journey in stores now from St. Martin’s Press.

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