Book Review: ‘Christmas In Blue Dog Valley: A Novel’ By Annie England Noblin

A fun, enjoyable Chrismas rom-com, set in small town Wisconsin. For Vet Goldie McKenzie it’s a new start moving from Los Angeles to Blue Dog Valley in Wisconsin. She just broke up with her long-term boyfriend and quit his Vet practice. She finds out that current vet in Blue Dog is retiring and selling his practice and she decides to buy it. They make a temp deal and she moves to the small town of just over 3000 residents and they don’t take to outsiders very well. The first person she meets is hunky Cohen at the airport and he has an attitude toward her. Then there’s her assistant Tiffany, who has an attitude. She has to work hard to win over the people. Goldie comes up with the idea to restart the Christmas carnival to help business in the small town and by this time is winning over everyone, including Cohen, who she just might have a romantic future with. Thrown in a hairless cat name Airport and an English sheepdog named Kevin and a cute white Alpaca named Alice, and quirky characters, you will fall in love with this book.

You can pick up Christmas In Blue Dog Valley in stores on Tuesday, September 20th from Avon.

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