Book Review: ‘Christmas From The Heart’ Is Fun Rom-Con

Olivia Berg runs a charity Christmas From The Heart in Pine River, Washington. Every year they help make people with hard times have a good holiday. As she checks with one of her biggest companies Hightower she finds out they won’t be able to help this year. They have been donating for many years back to Olivia’s Grandmother. The company is having financial issues and have scaled back. Olivia is persistent and gets to talk to CFO Guy Hightower who tries to explain they won’t be able to help this year. It gets testy between the two of them. Olivia is mad and Guy feels guilty but it’s out of his hands.

As fate would have it near Christmas Guy is driving through Olivia’s area when his Maserati breaks down. And should drive by but Olivia. She offers him a ride and he figures out who she is. She takes him to local garage in town run by Morris who is love with Olivia. She doesn’t feel the same way back. She has put him the friend category. Gus never tells her who he really is and when the local inn if full she offers to let him stay at her family home. Gus is unnerved by this but agrees. And soon he and Olivia grow close and even kiss. He is feeling more guilty but figures his time there is short. Morris is jealous of him and shows it. Soon Guy leaves and feels guilty for never telling her and he also has feelings for her. After he leaves Morris learns the truth and tells Olivia. Guy returns to tell the truth but it’s too late and she never wants to see him again.

Months later he is still thinking about her and his time there and she is with Morris more but still has feelings for Gus. Gus decides to make a bold move but is it too late for him and Olivia?

Rom-coms can go really good and really bad. This one goes really good. A great setting, a worthy cause for Christmas and characters you root for to be together. This quirky little town is the perfect place for romance and by the time you finish readying you might just have a smile on your face.

You can pick up Christmas From The Heart in stores on Tuesday, September 24th from MIRA.

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