Book Review: ‘Christmas At The Cat Cafe’ Is A Delightful Second Adventure

Author Melissa Daley is back with her follow up to last years delightful Molly And The Cat Cafe, this time it centers around Christmas, Molly and the kittens now full grown cats. As the story starts everything is going great at the Cafe in Stourton-on-the-Hill with Debbie and the cats. Molly is a good mother and the kittens are now grown and have adapted to the cafe. Debbie and John are going strong as well.

But things are about to change with Debbie’s sister Linda shows up, her marriage now over and Debbie invites her to stay. She also has a little dog. This doesn’t go over well with the cats. Linda also has a lot of stuff and a shopping habit and there just isn’t enough room for everyone. To earn her keep Linda works in the cafe. She also decides to come home with another cat named Ming, a fancy cat. Linda tries to center the cafe around her.

Molly is also being an over protective mom and one day after snapping at her son Eddie he takes off. Jasper goes off in search of him. Things with Debbie and Linda are getting bad and they have a tiff. On top of that Molly’s former owner has passed away and left her estate to Molly in care of Debbie. This does not sit well with her son David. With the holidays coming and everyone’s lives in confusion decisions need to be made that will affect the lives of humans and animals.

If you’re an animal lover, especially a cat lover this is the book for you. I highly recommend you pick up the first book (it’s a very easy read) and then read this second adventure (it’s not necessary just a suggestion). There’s nothing better than talking cats and fun adventures involving animals. I could read them all day long.

You can pick up Christmas At The Cat Cafe in stores on Tuesday, October 23 from St. Martin’s Press.

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