Book Review: ‘Choppy Water: A Stone Barrington Novel’ By Stuart Woods

Book number 54 in the Stone Barrington series is a thrilling story set around Holly Barker, who has just won the Presidency. There’s celebrations all around and Stone is right by her side, when he can be. Holly decides she needs to get away for a while and she and Stone slip away to his Maine home, much to the chagrin of the secret service. Everything is planned last minute and they slip away. While out on the water for a sail a hurricane slides their way and they get the fringes. While on the water, there’s a blood bath at his house. Six secret service agents have been murdered.

They have to leave right away and go to various places and learn an fringe group is out to get Holly before she ever becomes President. A few more attempts on her life take place, all unsuccessful. With the help of undercover agents a plan is put together to smoke out the people that want Holly dead. A plan that could cost people their lives.

This is one of the better novels in the recent series. With one primary story going on, it all flowed together nicely. It’s always a pleasure when Stone and Holly can be together in a solid way even if it’s always complicated with these two.

You can pick up Choppy Waters in stores on Tuesday, August 11th from Putnam.

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