Book Review: ‘Choose Me: A Novel’ By Tess Gerritsen & Gary Braver

A senior Taryn Moore, at Boston’s Commonwealth University, with a high GPA and a college scholarship, is found dead on the sidewalk of her apartment building. She lived on the fifth floor and it appears to be suicide. But Police Detective Frankie Loomis isn’t so sure it was and starts an investigation. After the autopsy report she may be right. Soon they find clues in Taryn’s apartment and now the investigation ramps up. Taryn as we learn may have been a great student but she had severe emotional issues. First with her ex-boyfriend and then with one of her professors, who she sleeps with and becomes pregnant by. Now the question is who killed her and why. Everything suggests it was the professor but can it be the obvious? A solid thriller with twists and turns and interesting characters keeps the reader engaged to the very end.

You can pick up Choose Me in stores on Tuesday, July 1st from Thomas & Mercer.

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