Book Review: ‘Chasing The Light: A Memoir’ By Oliver Stone

I’ve read a lot of celebrity biographies and I have to say Oliver Stone’s is right there at the top of the list. He tells his story in an honest, upfront way. Nothing is held back as he starts from when he was a kid and right up to the release of Platoon.

He tells about the movies he has made from his very first up to the tough filming of Platoon (a movie he never thought would be made). He goes into the Hollywood movie making system with some great stories from how a movie is conceived, to being pitched and financed, to actually being filmed and released and marketed. He talks about meeting the biggest starts in Hollywood who wanted to work with him. His hits and bombs are all discussed.

Oliver also gets deeply personal about his personal life. The drugs and alcohol. Who knew he was such a party animal!!! Great stories including how he was high as a kite the night he won the Golden Globe and his weird speech he gave. How he was told early on he couldn’t have kids and then years later to finally have a son. And he goes into detail on his relationships with his parents and various woman.

If you only read one celebrity biography this year I would highly recommend Chasing The Light, in stores now.

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