Book Review: ‘Charmed Bones’ Is The Next Delightful Sarah Booth Delaney Mystery

My first time reading one of author Carolyn Hines books and I am hooked. Her newest Sarah Booth Delaney story is a delightful, fun, quirky and at times laugh out loud good time. How can you not enjoy a book with an awesome dog (Sweetie Pie) and cat (Pluto) combo, that help solve the cases, as well as the two lead detectives Sarah (and everyone always seems to call her Sarah Booth and you could seriously be drunk if you make it a drinking game!) and her partner Tinkie? Although each have issues with the private lives, Sarah trying to have sex with her Sheriff boyfriend Coleman and Tinkie trying to have a baby, work for them is everything and they put 100 percent into the cases they get.

They live in Zinnie, Mississippi, which just by it’s name you would think would be a small town with no issues. But a lot is going on. Three new women who are wicken witches have a deal to buy a property in town and open a new school that they will run. This does not sit well with some of the town folks who do not want witches and magic in their town. No one is sure they are real witches but they claim they are good witches. When people go missing and are killed, Sarah and Tinkie are hired to find out as much as they can about the women and they also are helping to solve the cases of the murders.

There is also another fun part of the story where Sarah keeps getting visited by a dead witch who takes the form of famous women and other witches like Endora (Bewitched) and Angelique (Dark Shadows). She is a hoot.

You can pick up Charmed Bones from Minotaur Books in stores now for a seriously fun time.

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