Book Review: ‘Cat Got Your Crown’ Is The Next Fun Kitty Couture Mystery

Author Julie Chase is back with her fourth Kitty Couture novel featuring Lacy Marie Crocker. This time around not only is she in a love triangle with the rich, hot cop Jack and the hot lawyer Chase, she’s once again involved in a murder and someone wants her to back off from finding out who did it.

It’s been a year since Lacy returned to New Orleans and her business Furry Godmother has taken off. She’s so busy and now this year a big pet competition, National Pet Pageant, is in town and Lacy’s mom is in charge of it. Which means her life just got so much busier. During dress rehearsals the emcee Viktor tumbles over a balcony and dies. So on top of everything else there’s now a murder mystery headed by Jack. So that means Lacy will be investigating as well as she can’t let a mystery go unsolved even if it means putting her life in jeopardy. And it wouldn’t be the first time. And sure enough she gets warnings to back off. It finally leads to her being in danger again when the killer makes a move against her.

She also finally chooses the man she wants to be with and hopes it won’t hurt the other one.

My first time reading one of these books and it’s really enjoyable. Any book that contains cats and animals I am in for. It’s a straight forward story that is easy and fun to read. And the added layer of the long triangle plays well here.

You can pick up Cat Got Your Crown in stores on Tuesday, March 13 from Crooked Lane.

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