Book Review: ‘Castle On Sunset’ Is A Great Look At The Legendary Chateau Marmont

The Chateau Marmont has been around since completion in 1929. It’s been known as a place that the rich and famous can go to and have their privacy and do what they want. Over the years it’s been around it has been known as a place for sex, drugs and rock n roll. Anyone that is anyone has stayed there. From legendary stars of old Hollywood like Jayne Mansfield, Betty Davis, James Dean to rock bands like Led Zepplin to famous comedians like John Belushi (who died there), if you’re anyone you have been there.

Author Shawn Levy (Rat Pack Confidential) has written the definitive book on the hotel. From before it even existed to how it was conceived and built. To the different owners over the years. And to the celebrities that have stayed there. He has found out and written great stories about a lot of them. And what stories they are. From elicit affairs, to drug parties to people being banned, to Queen Bee and Jay-Z’s big post Oscar party, he has it all covered and then some.

It’s just a fascinating look at the legendary place that so many have called home. It is highly recommended for anyone that wants the history of the hotel and all the big name people that have stayed there.

You can pick up the book in stores on Tuesday, May 7 from Doubleday.

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