Book Review: ‘California Summer’ Is A Perfect Beach Read

Ben has become the hottest director in Hollywood. By his side is Rosie as a producer. Ben wants it all. The fame, the big house, the A-List celebrity status. Rosie is content with what they have and not having to be one of those type of people. They have been together 10 years and have worked hard for their success. They have finally made it and they are still on the rise. But Ben is not content where they are. He is willing to do what he needs to do.

When Rosie comes home from a scouting trip and starts picking up the house she notices the sheets on the bed are not how they should be. It sets off an alarm and she confronts Ben who admits to sleeping with a big Hollywood Producer. They have a big blowout and Rosie leaves and heads to Montecito to stay at the guest house of her friends parents. They are wealthy and lead a big, fun life. Rosie is heart broken and has no idea what she will do next. She gets lots of attention from the people she is staying with and even meets a surfer named Josh that intrigues her. She is thinking of forgiving Ben.

She is given the advice of trying to find her passion and move on. She decides to start cooking a bit more, something she liked doing. She makes awesome fish tacos and everyone tells her how great they are. She decides to open a fish taco store and it becomes a hit when a teen idol raves about them on social media and TV. She is also seeing Josh and might finally put Ben and Hollywood behind her. But will here success with the store and Josh’s heart be her downfall or the beginning of a new and exciting life for her?

A romantic story that shows that sometimes you just need a new start. A broken heart sucks but it can also be the thing that pushes you forward and kicks you in the butt to move on and find your thing (whatever that may be). A perfect summer beach read for the pool or lake.

Be warned you will also have a craving for fish tacos by the time you finish this book! You can pick it up in stores on Tuesday, June 19, from St. Martin’s Press.

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