Book Review: ‘Bring Me Back: A Novel’ Is An Exciting Thriller With A Twist Ending

I read a lot of thrillers/mysteries and I’m usually pretty good at figuring out some twists and turns before I read them. In the case of Bring Me Back by B.A. Paris I did a horrible job. I never saw the shocking twist/finale that is this book. Kudos to B.A. because I thought it was going one way and BAM she got me! The story is intense, compelling and might just make your draw drop.

12 years ago Finn and Layla are driving back from their trip to France. They stop at a rest stop which for the most part is abandoned. Finn has to go and Layla waits in he car. He tells her to lock the doors and he will be right back. When he returns she is gone and there’s no sign of her. Fast forward to today and we learn that Layla was never found and declared dead seven years after she went missing.

Finn if now with Ellen, who is Layla’s sister. They are in love and planning on getting married. There’s an eerie similarity to their relationship like the one he had with Layla. We learn their back story of how they met and fell in love. We also learn Finn and Layla’s story via flashback chapters. And what we learn is nothing at all like what we are initially told about them. There’s lot of hidden secrets and truths that only are known to the two of them.

And now Finn gets a call saying Layla has been spotted by the cottage that they lived in and that Finn still owns. There have been alleged sightings over the years but nothing has panned out. This seems different though. Things from Layla’s childhood are showing up at the house he and Ellen live in. A mysterious e-mail arrives. The question now becomes is Layla alive and if so where has she been for the last 12 years and what does she want now? The answers to these questions may be more than anyone wants to know or even suspected.

You can figure out the mystery of Layla on Tuesday, June 19 when the book is released from St. Martin’s Press.

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