Book Review: ‘Bright Young Dead’ Is The Next Exciting Mitford Murders Story

by | Oct 21, 2018 | Books | 0 comments

Author Jessica Fellows is back with her follow up to the The Mitford Murders book with her second novel involving the family and Louisa. This time it involves a murder at the house and a gang of thieves.

It’s five years later in the 1920s and it’s time for Pamela Mitford’s 18th birthday. A party is being held at the house and a treasure hunt is held involving a number of people. During the treasure hunt one of the guests Adrian Curtis is found dead and it is murder. One of the servants of one of the guests Dulcie is charged with the murder as she has an argument with him earlier and is found with the body.

Meanwhile in London The Bright Young Ones are a group of women that are robbing stores and rich people and then fencing the stuff. Lead by Alice Diamond they have been evading the police. Louisa’s friend Guy Sullivan is a cop and he gets to be one of the cops looking for her along with his new cop sidekick Mary Moon. Guy wants to move up on the force and is really hustling to find her.

Louisa believes that Dulcie is innocent and starts investigating and soon finds information that can help dulcie but puts her in danger and those around Dulcie are also in danger. When Guy finally figures out things it sets up a final showdown and who murdered Adrian Curtis and helps bring Alice and her gang down once and for all.

This is a historical fiction novel based on real life events in London in the 1920s with Alice and her gang. A perfect setting in the golden age and how London was and how families lived during that time. I enjoyed the first novel and liked this one just as much. I interview Jessica Fellows last year for the first book and you can listen to it here.

You can pick up Bright Young Dead in stores on Tuesday, October 30th from Minotaur Books.