Book Review: ‘Breaking Time: A Novel’ By Sasha Alsberg

For fans of Outlander and magical romantic novels, this is the perfect book for you. Set over time and space two people from different times meet and fall in love and must save the world from evil. But fate will be cruel to them. Callum finds his best friend Thomas bleeding out in 1568 in Scotland and sees a strange man near the body and when he goes to avenge him, he vanishes into a mist. When he next wakes up he’s been hit by a car driven by Klara in present day Scotland. He’s fine and together they try to figure out what’s going on. It turns out Klara is the last of a group of magical people known as the pillars and the last pillar of time. A demi-god has been killing the other pillars and taking their powers. Klara stunned by the news must learn to use her powers quickly in order to win the battle of good vs. evil and stop the world from collapsing. She must also protect her heart and that of Callum and that won’t be easy when magic is involved and fate may throw them a curve. The way the book ends seems to leave it open for a sequel. Not sure if this is a planned series but I sure hope so.

You can pick up Breaking Time in stores on Tuesday, June 14th from Inkyard Press.

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