Book Review: Book ‘Bone On Bone (A Bell Elkins Mystery)’ By Julia Keller

by | Aug 13, 2018 | Books | 0 comments

Julia Keller is back with her next Bell Elkins novel. It’s been three years since Bell confessed to a crime from her childhood that she didn’t have to confess to. She felt she did and has paid the time. She lost her job at the DA’s office and is starting her life over. Everyone is happy to see her in Acker’s Gap.

Drugs have become a big problem in town and a big time family is not immune from the effects of drugs. It leads to an investigation to find out who has been dealing the drugs and drags Bell back into law enforcement (even though she can’t legally do law). She is still called upon for help and her advice. It leads to some tense moments and deadly moments that will have the past and present collide in ways she didn’t think possible.

We learn about her past and why Bell confessed and one last secret that finally is revealed. It may finally help put the past behind and let her move on with her future.

This was my first time reading one of the Bell books and I really enjoyed it. Bell is an interesting character with flaws just like anyone else. A good story with twists and turns to keep the reader engaged right up to the very end.

You can pick up Bone On Bone in stores on Tuesday, August 21st, from Minotaur book.