Book Review: ‘Bone Canyon’ Is A Good Second Novel Featuring Eve Ronin By Lee Goldberg

Author Lee Goldberg is back with his second novel featuring Eve Ronin. Following the events of Lost Hills, Eve is still on office duty until her wrist heals. She’s ready to hit the streets and finally is allowed to. After devasting fires bones are found and Eve and Duncan are assisgned to the case. It turns out to be a young woman who was reported missing years ago. As Eve investigates she learns that the woman reported being raped and then days after that is when she went missing. After finding her bones it’s determined she was killed.

Eve talks to her ex-roommate and learns she was also raped that night and Eve soon uncovers evidence that what happened could be hitting close to home with the police department. Then another body is found of an older woman who went missing. Eve wonders if the cases are somehow releated.

The more Eve digs she finds things are closer to her than she thought and she suddenly understands what has happened but it may be too late as some people are not happy with Eve and her digging. Will she survive long enough to expose the bad guys?

A solid second novel with Eve Ronin. With some well placed twists and turns, the book flowed solidly and it’s left open for more adventures with Eve.

You can pick up Bone Canyon in stores on Tuesday, January 5th.

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