Book Review: ‘Bloody Genius’ Is The Next Thrilling Virgil Flowers Novel

The last thing Virgil Flowers wanted was to have work a murder case. It happened two weeks ago and so far no luck finding the person responsible for killing Professor Quill at the University Of Minnesota. He will be working with a homicide detective with the Minnesota office named Margaret Trane. And she is not happy at first about the outside help but soon warms to Virgil and his music tee-shirts.

Virgil goes over everything they have so far and then they double down and start re-interviewing people again and soon learn more information. Not enough yet to have a killer but enough to start eliminating people. When they catch some breaks and Virgil has a random conversation with his girl Frankie (who is due to have twins soon) he is able to figure out who the killer is and why. Now he has to get a confession out of the person and it involves someone else who finds their life now in jeopardy. It leads to a climatic showdown.

With all John Sandford books he uses his other major character Lucas Davenport as well in parts of the story (he will use Virgil in Lucas books as well). These books are so much fun and both Virgil and Lucas are great characters. Never a bad time to jump into these series. Each book is written as a stand-alone novel. Author Sandford is truly the master of this genre.

You can pick up Bloody Genius in stores on Tuesday, October 1st from Putnam.

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