Book Review: ‘Bloodless’ Is The Next Thrilling Agent Pendergart Novel By Preson & Child

Pendergast, Coldmoon and Constance have finished up their job in Florida and are headed home when they are detoured to Savannah, Georgia. There’s been a brutal murder and they’re now on the case. The body was found drained of all blood. And then another murder takes place the same way. Pendergast and Coldmoon are at a loss for words as to what’s happening. Local rumors are it’s a vampire. Pendergast starts to put pieces together and the key to what’s going on may be in the rich woman that lives on the top floor of the hotel they’re staring in. She’s a recluse but Constance manages to talk with her and what she learns is amazing. The key to this whole mystery may lie in the mysterious D.B. Cooper from 1971, who was never found. As they figure out what has been going on everyone’s lives are in danger and Pendergast his life will never be the same.

Preson & Child write the best novels. The character of Agent Pendergast is one of the best characters in all of books, a very smart man that is complicated and fascinating at the same time. The story in Bloodless is a thrill-ride that keeps readers on the edge of their seats right through the shocking twist (and this book has a lot of twists). Fans of the series will love this one.

You can pick up Bloodless in stores on Tuesday, August 17th from Grand Central Publishing.

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