Book Review: ‘Blood Orange’ Is A Good Debut Novel

Alison is a mother, a wife and a defense lawyer. She gets good cases but not big ones like murder trials. She’s been with the firm a long time and finally is given a big murder case. She’s excited to work it and it will be with one of her co-workers Patrick. He also happens to be her lover. They have been carrying on for a while now when they can. Her marriage to Carl is not going well but they’re still together. She works a lot and takes care of their daughter Matilda more than she does. She also drinks a lot, which isn’t helping her marriage.

When she starts getting mysterious texts she thinks someone is on to her affair. She still keeps seeing Patrick and the texts keep happening. She’s deep into the murder case and her client has admitted to the murder. She also has been a victim of abuse and Alison thinks they may be able to use that at trial. When something shocking happens with Patrick is throw Alison for a loop. And then Carl says he’s filing for divorce and sole custody of their daughter. He has been gaslighting her for months now on every little thing she does. And then makes a shocking admission. Alison decides she’s not gonna just give up on her daughter and it leads to a shocking discovery and a climatic showdown.

Author Harriet Tyce has written a good, suspenseful first novel, with enough twists and turns to keep the reader engrossed. The story starts off strong and continues to a climatic ending. Harriet is one to watch in the coming years.

You can pick up Blood Orange in stores on Tuesday, February 19 from Grand Central Publishing.

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