Book Review: ‘Blood Communion: A Tale Of Prince Lestat (Vampire Chronicles)’ Is The Next Chilling Chapter In The Series

After a subpar last book (in my opinion) author Anne Rice is back with the next chapter in her Vampire Series books. Blood Communion continues the story of Prince Lestat and the vampire council. Lestat is once again telling his story, this time about how he became Prince of the Vampires and how the Blood Communion came to be.

The story continues the plots of the last book. The children of Atlantis are living and working together in London and at peace with the vampires. Lestat is holding court and being urged to put the word out to kill the ancient powerful one Rhoshamandes. He feels they’re at piece at the moment with him and won’t do it. Lestat is summoned to New Orleans to deal with a rogue group of young vampires and meets another ancient, older vampire named Fontayne (who was made by Pandora). He is taken with him and wants him to come to court. He has been threatened by Arjun, who is with Pandora now, with death should he ever show his face. He also warns Lestat about another ancient, older vampire named Baudwin who means him and the court harm.

When Rhoshamandes’ fledgling Benedict decides it’s time to end his life with everyone at court, it sets off Rhoshamandes, who is vowing revenge and kidnaps those closest to Lestat and will continue to make trouble for the court and the vampires. He cannot be found anywhere and because he’s one of the oldest it’s hard to take him down. So Lestat is now having to face two ancients who have nothing to do with each other and it may just cost him his loved ones in the process.

This story brings Lestat and the history of the Vampires back in full force. We learn more histories of the ancient ones, new and old vampires and puts Lestat front and center having to make life and death decisions. I love when she goes back and forth in history and gives us back story and introduces new vampires to the mix. It was a spell-binding story this time with some OMG moments and twists and turns that made you wonder.

You can pick it up in stores on Tuesday, October 2nd.

* If you haven’t heard Anne got the rights back to her Vampire series and she and her son are writing and producing a new TV series for Hulu!

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