Book Review: ‘Blind Tiger’ A Sandra Brown Novel

Set in 1920 in North Texas during the beginning of prohibition, author Sandra Brown has written another great novel as only Sandra can write. Great characters, lots of action and masterfully written like she was there during that time. A great summer read.

Laurel Plummer has a one month old baby and a husband who is an ass. He announces they’re moving to live with his father. As soon as they get there she sees it’s just a shack and he’s not expecting them. And then he blows his brains out. Now Laurely is left to fend for herself and child with this man Irv. Thatcher Hutton is making his way back from the war on a train with three other stowaways and he has to fight for his life and jump off the train. He arrives at the shack Laurel is at and she gives him directions to town. When a Doctor’s wife goes missing he is the first suspect since he’s new in town. He’s let go with enough evidence but soon learns there’s a lot going on in this town. The moonshiners are running the town and include the Mayor as part of group. There are other factions and soon Laurel gets involved in the running and butts heads with Thatcher, who has become a deputy. Soon war breaks out and people are killed, stills destroyed, liquor stolen and a new romance started. How this all shakes down will determine the future of many people in this gem of a novel.

You can pick up Blind Tiger in stores on Tuesday, August 3rd from Grand Central Publishing.

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