Book Review: ‘Blackmail And Bibingka: A Tita Rosie’s Kitchen Mystery’ By Mia P. Manansala

It’s Christmas time in Shady Palms, Ill and it’s time for the annual Winter Bash. For restaurant owner Lila it’s a busy time as she gets her recipes ready for the big event. Complicating matters is that her cousin Ronnie has returned after 15 years and Tita Rosie is very happy about this. He has bought a local winery and has big plans for it. When an investor drops dead after drinking one of his wines, the police start investigating and then a mysterious e-mail arrives asking for money or what happened in Florida will be revealed. So like the previous books Lila starts her own investigation as to what’s going on and what happened at the winery. This is the third book in the series and it’s as good as the first two. With all the fun, quirky characters back, including the Godmothers, it’s also a very fun book. And it will make you hungry reading it!

You can pick up Blackmail and Bibingka in stores on Tuesday, October 4th from Berkley.

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