Book Review: ‘Best Served Hot: A Novel’ By Amanda Elliot

Julie has a day job, but her real passion is posting food reviews from trendy restaurants she goes to at night (even if she can’t afford them). At a food festival, the fun begins when she runs into Bennett Wright, the new food critic for one of New York’s top papers. When they get into a shouting match, she doesn’t care for him, at the festival, someone tapes it, and it goes viral. Taking advantage of the press, they agree to work together on reviews. This leads to an attraction, and soon they’re more than just working together. But will their differences tear them apart, or keep them together? Another fun rom-com, where you root for these two to be together. And by the time you finish reading it, trust me, you will be hungry!

You can pick up Best Served Hot in stores on Tuesday, February 21st from Berkley.

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