Book Review: ‘Best In Snow: An Andy Carpenter Novel’ By David Rosenfelt

The Holidays are coming up and all Andy Carpenter wants to do is spend time with his family eat turkey, watch football and walk his dogs and put up with his wife’s holiday music. That all changes when he takes his dogs for a walk and one of his dogs Tara finds a dead body in the park. It turns out it’s the Mayor of Paterson, NJ. The police quickly arrest former reporter Bobby Nash, who one wrote an expose on the Mayor, exposing him to corruption and later turned out to be false. He was fired from the paper. The evidence against him is overwhelming and his former editor Vince, a close friend of Andy’s, calls Andy and asks him to defend Bobby. Andy gets his team together and they start their investigation and soon more bodies start to turn-up and Andy finds himself in danger. This is another Great novel in the series. Author David Rosenfelt always writes fun novels, with LOL moments between the characters, the awesome Marcus and of course Dogs. Each novel is written as a stand-alone story, so there easy to follow.

You can pick up Best In Snow in stores on Tuesday, October 19th from Minotaur.

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