Book Review: ‘The Best Of Adam Sharp (Now In Paperback)’ Is A Look At Love And What Could Have Been

Graeme Simsion is back with a novel that looks at love and what could have been and maybe can be again. Best known for The Rosie Effect and The Rosie Project, his new book is The Best Of Adam Sharp (St. Martin’s Press; in Paperback on Tuesday, September 11).

Adam Sharpe works in IT when he works. He also loves to play the piano and has been with Claire for many years. They have no kids (not from lack of trying) and things are just so-so with them. When out of the dark one night he gets an e-mail from Angelina (the love of his life) he sparks his memories and he wonders what she wants after all these years.

Twenty something years ago Adam was working in Australia for six months on an IT project. He found a local bar with a piano and he started playing on a regular basis for fun. Then one night she walked in and his life was never going to be the same. She was beautiful. She caught his eye. And she wanted to sing. She had a beautiful voice and he was smitten. Her name was Angelina and he later found out she was the star of a soap opera in the country. She was also married. He sent her a romantic gesture and she came around again and invited him to a party. And that was to begin a torrid affair. She was young and in an unhappy marriage. They agreed it would just be casual. No falling in love, no one getting hurt.

Well it never works out that way. They were young and in love. And also under a time deadline. Adam had to soon leave and they both knew it. He was torn. Does he ask her to wait. Does she want him to? Well he left and she went back to Richard. They both regretted it.

Now all these years later what did she want? She was re-married. Was she unhappy? He still loved her after all these years. They got to e-mailing, took to Skype and started flirting. She and her new husband invited him to France to spend a week with them. Right before he left Claire and Adam decided to end it. It was time.

When he saw her again it was like time stood still. What would happen over this week words cannot even describe. The events of this week when it was over will shape the rest of his live (no spoilers but it was quite a week!).

A love story for the ages. Regrets, not being totally honest and sweet romantic moments make for a rom-con for the ages! A real page turner of a story and if you may blush a bit when you get to the week in France is all I have to say!

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