Book Review: ‘Bending The Paw’ Is The Next Fun Paw Enforcement Novel By Diane Kelly

Author Diane Kelly is back with book number 9 in her Paw Enforcement series. As the story opens someone in brutally murdered just as Seth is proposing to Megan on Valentine’s Day. She says yes and then she gets a call from Detective Jackson about the murder and she and Brigit are on the case. A lot of blood is found but no body. Brigit tries to track it but can only get so far.

That’s not the only case Megan is on as a roof contractor seems to be ripping people off and she’s off to find him and get to the bottom of it. She’s working both cases when they get a break on the killer and it may be something they suspected all along. And Brigit is in the thick of it bringing down suspects left and right and loving it.

These books are so much fun. They’re told from the point of view of the characters including Brigit the K-9. We get to hear what she thinks, sometimes you will just LOL reading her thoughts.

You can pick it up in stores on Tuesday, October 27th from St. Martin’s paperbacks.

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