Book Review: ‘Ben And Beatriz: A Novel’ By Katalina Gamarra

This book is great! It has everything you want in a rom-com and more. The characters are well-written and very dysfunctional, a love-hate relationship, hot sex and misunderstandings and a story that is intense, that you want to keep reading. Beatriz and Ben go to college at Harvard in 2016, along with their best friends Hero and her boyfriend Claudio (they’re a couple). Beatriz is a bi-racial Latino girl, how has a chip on her shoulder. Ben is hot and muscular and can have and has had a lot of girls. He’s from a rich family and grew up with a silver spoon in his mouth and also a very dsyfunctional family. The two of them slept together a few years ago and since then there’s been a tension between them. Beatriz thinks he’s an ass. On the winter break they all to Cape Cod and Ben’s family’s mansion. We learn a lot about Ben’s family and soon Ben and Beatriz shack up again and again and have lots of hot sex and fall for each other(but keep it a secret). When back at Harvard they decide to be a couple but something happens thanks to his douch brother Ben and both couples break up and try to move on. When Ben and Beatriz finally face the true facts, learn about themselves and grow up, they try to make a go of it, but is it too late? This is one of my favorite rom-coms so far this year. A perfect late summer beach read.

You can pick up Ben and Beatriz in stores on Tuesday, August 2nd from Graydon House.

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