Book Review: ‘The Beloveds’ Shows How Far A Slighted Sister Will Go For Revenge

by | Mar 21, 2018 | Books | 0 comments

Oh sibling rivalry can drive one kid crazy. In the case of sisters Betty and Gloria Stash it leads to attempted murder. Betty is the older girl and Gloria is the one that always seemed to get more of Mom’s love and attention in Betty’s mind. Whether that was really true is debatable. But one thing is for sure Gloria is a beloved. Everything goes right for her and wrong for Betty. The one thing Betty truly loves is their family estate. She says it talks to her and it’s all she wants when her mother is gone.

Gloria as a beloved has a hot, hunky husband (who was with Betty first), a best friend in Alice (who was Betty’s friend first), she lives in the house with her husband and Mother and is doing renovations to the house. This is driving Betty crazy. Betty is married older man and has a successful art gallery. But she’s not really happy. When their mother dies she is so happy at the thought she will get the house and kick out Gloria and her husband Henry (who are now expecting a baby). Alice is also living at the house as she is dying. When the will is finally read Gloria is left the house and Betty gets a great deal of money. Once again the beloved gets what she wants.

This infuriates Betty to the point of planning revenge. She puts in motion plans to get the house for herself. It goes to her if anything happens to Gloria. Revenge plans are formulated in Betty’s head that are so deadly that she needs to make sure she covers all her tracks. Will her plans work or will they back fire on her and expose her murderous ways?

Maureen Lindley has written a spine-tingling story of revenge, betrayal and a woman on the edge who feels she’s owed something. The story is a page-turned with twists and turns up to the the very last revenge plan.

You can pick up The Beloveds on Tuesday, April 3rd, from Gallery Books.