Book Review: ‘Believe Me: A Novel’ Is A Thrill Ride With Lots Of Twists And Turns

A love thrillers and I love ones that I can’t figure out who is the guilty person. Lots of times I have it figured out by the end of the book. Author JP Delaney has written a story with so many twists and turns, there’s no way to be sure who’s guilty until you’ve finished the book. That is how you write a thriller!

Claire has fled to the United States from England where she started her acting career. A scandal broke out on the set of the movie she was making and decided it was best to leave. She’s hear illegally so finding work is hard. She’s going to acting school and hoping to make her career here. She gets a job that requires her acting skills for a lawyer who is hired to find out if husbands are cheating. Claire will hit on them and try to trap them into sleeping with her for which she is paid cash.

When Stella Fogler wants to know if her husband Patrick is cheating Claire is hired and this sets about a chain of events that will change their lives forever. Patrick tells her he is married and leaves the bar. She reports back to Stella who doesn’t believe it. Later Stella is found murdered in her hotel room. The two main suspects are Claire and Patrick. Both say they are innocent and there’s no evidence to charge either one.

Months later the police come to Claire with a plan to try and get Patrick to confess. She agrees to go along with it if it means she can get her green card. She plays the game with Patrick but soon makes a shocking discovery. She has to ask herself is she playing Patrick, is Patrick playing her or are the police playing both of them? From her on like I said above there are so many twists and turns that I have to stop for fear of spoilers. All I can say is enjoy the ride!

You can pick up Believe Me: A Novel in stores from Ballantine Books on Tuesday, July 24.

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