Book Review: ‘Before We Were Innocent: A Novel’ By Ella Berman

The year was 2008, and three best friends, Evangeline, Bess, and Joni travel to Greece to celebrate their graduation. At a party one night, Evangeline and Bess have an argument, and next thing you know Evangeline falls over a cliff, and Bess becomes a suspect of murder. Joni jumps in and makes up a story to protect Bess. Ten years later, Joni shows up at the house of Bess. Something has happened, and she now needs Bess to be an alibi for her. The question is will Bess help her, and what really happened ten years ago. A page-turning thriller, with twists and turns, to keep you on the edge of your seat. This is a perfect spring novel for fans of this genre.

You can pick up Before We Were Innocent in stores on Tuesday, April 4th from Berkley.

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