Book Review: ‘Before She Disappeared: A Novel’ By Lisa Gardner

Frankie Elkin is a recovering alcoholic who is trying to escape a tragic event 10 years ago. She now goes from city to city helping to find missing women that no else can find. She has a knack for this. She’s not a cop or detective but knows how to search. Now she has come to the Boston area to look for 16 year old Angelique, who went missing months ago and now it is essentially a cold case. It’s in the Haitian community and she stands out as a white women. She gets a job right away at a bar and starts her search. It soon puts her at odds with the detective that’s still assisgned to the case. She soon learns little things that lead to bigger things and teams up with the detective and uncovers a forgery plot and that more than one person is missing. It also puts her life at risk and when she figures it all out it may just be too late for her.

A solid stand-alone novel that has a great lead character in Frankie. Writing strong females is Lisa’s forte and she again excels. The story has enough twists to keep the reader engaged. Not sure if this will end up being a series of novels. I for one wouldn’t mind more Frankie novels.

You can pick up Before She Disappeared in stores now from Dutton.

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