Book Review: ‘Before I Do: A Novel’ By Sophie Cousens

Audrey and Josh are getting married and it’s their wedding day and bad things are happening before the ceremony. The two of them are opposites and it’s a wonder they’re actually getting married. And then the night before Josh’s sister arrived with Fred, a man from Audrey’s past six years ago. They spent a day together, had fun and were supposed to get together again but he never showed. Audrey always wondered if he was the one and if she and Josh should be married. The book uses a before the wedding, day of the wedding, after the wedding and in the past format, and we follow along with everything that happened with the couple in present time and the past, how they met, fell in love and Audrey’s past with Fred. A heartwarming rom-com, that is written a bit different than normal rom-coms, but suceeds on all levels.

You can pick up Before I Do in stores on Tuesday, October 11th from Putnam.

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