Book Review: ‘Beating About The Bush’ Is The Next Fun Agatha Raisin Mystery

Author M.C. Beaton is back with her 30th novel in the Agatha Raisin series. My only question is where have I been for the first 29 novels? Agatha Raisin is a great character that I really enjoyed. The story is crisp with a great co-character in Toni, her ying to her yang.

Agatha Raisin is a Private Detective and is on a new case for looking for corporate espionage in a battery making factory. On her way home she and Toni are driving through a dense woodland she jokes ‘it’s a good place to dump a body.’ Well this time she thinks she sees something. It turns out to be a prank but has to do with the new job she’s been hired for.

At a party a few days later one of the employees of the factory Mrs. Dunwiddy is found dead in the stables and it’s ruled it’s because of a kick from a donkey named Wizz-Wazz. Agatha is on sight and she says it was murder and is now going to try and prove it. She also knows something is a miss at the factory and even though she was fired, she keeps investigating and soon finds out what’s going on there and how it relates to the murder and soon finds herself in danger and it may finally be the end of Agatha Raisin.

I can’t say enough good things about this book and these characters. I am hooked from now on reading Agatha Raisin books.

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