Book Review: ‘Bear Witness: An Alaska Untamed Novel’ By Lark O. Jensen

The first novel in this new Alaska series is a good start to the series. Not only does the author paint a great pick of Alaska and the wildlife in the waters, it also is a solid mystery that keeps the readers engaged with fun characters in small town Alaska. Stacie Calder is a tour guide for the charter company that owns ChemElk and she enjoys doing this job (and also gets to take her adorable dog Sasha with her). When Truit, a former deckhand shows up on the latest tour, it’s revealed he is trying to start a rival charter service, which makes Palmer (the Captain and one of the owners of the companny) mad. Then he vanishes off the boat and now one knows where Truit is. Then his body is found the next day during a tour. There are any number os suspects and State Trooper Liam Amaruq is on the case investigating and also has an interest in Stacie, who starts hew own investigation. And someone is not happy about this and Stacie may find herself next in the water.

You can pick up Bear Witness in stores on Tuesday, May 10th from Crooked Lane.

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