Book Review: ‘Beach Read’ Is A Fun Romantic Comedy By Emily Henry

January Andrews is having a tough time lately. Her father has passed away and she learns he had a secret girlfriend and beach house that he left to her. He was still married to her mother, who over the years suffered from cancer, but was able to beat it. Her parents had their issues as well over the years. She also is a writer and her editor wants a new book by the end of the summer. And she is basically broke. She moves into the beach house but feels kind of weird about it, knowing it belonged to her father and his mistress.

Living right next door is Augustus Everett, known as Gus, a man she instantly doesn’t get along with. He’s also a writer and they have a history from college. They spare at first but slowly they start to become friends and then more.

But each have them have issues and secrets which make it hard for them to fully trust. They make a bet to each write a novel that they wouldn’t normally write and see which one sells first. And they spend more and more time together and it starts to get serious. But issues still exist and neither one is sure they can fully commit to the other. But sometimes you have to take a leap and January and Gus might just be able to do that if they give it a chance.

A fun romantic story of two people that have issues and are not looking for something. But as so often happens it finds you. The reader roots for January and Gus and you hope they can find there way to each other. The book comes out before Memorial Day and not to be cliche, it makes for a perfect Beach Read.

You can pick up Beach Read in stores on Tuesday, May 19th from Berkley.

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