Book Review: ‘Bark Of Night’ Is The Next Fun Andy Carpenter Mystery

I love the Andy Carpenter Mystery novels. They’re so easy to read. They’re not long (note to book editors this is how a book should be published). They have really fun characters. And they have dogs. All this makes these books so much fun to read each time.

As much as Andy wants to try and be retired something always comes up and he ends up taking another case. This time a young man is in jail accused of a murder that he claims he didn’t commit. And now Andy is on the scene and he believes he didn’t do it either. It starts with a dog at his vets office that has been dropped off to be euthanized. Andy is told about this while he has his beloved dog Tara there for a checkup of a lump on her side. The person that dropped off Truman the Bulldog is not the same person that the dog has micro-chipped in his skin (and if you own a dog get it micro-chipped). This peaks Andy’s interest and relates to the case he is taking.

Now Andy is in full lawyer mode and he has his trusty crew on the case (much to their chagrin). They like it when Andy isn’t on a case so they can take an easy. They follow all leads and soon discover many things that lead to something a lot bigger than this one murder. It goes all the way to the FBI and DEA. And of course Andy has his trusted wife Laurie and Marcus on his side (two of my favorite characters in the books) as he tries to prove his clients innocence.

If you’ve never read one of these Andy Carpenter books jump right in. Each novel reads like a stand-alone book and you get enough back information to understand who is who and what’s going on. And author David Rosenfelt is a big supporter of saving dogs with his Tara Foundation.

You can pick up Bark Of Night in stores on Tuesday, July 16th from Minotaur.

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