Book Review: ‘Backlash’ Is The Next Thrilling Scot Harvath Novel By Brad Thor

If there’s one person in the world you don’t want to piss off it is Scot Harvath. And the Russians have done just that and no one in their country is safe. He’s on a plane to Russia locked up like an animal. When the plane crashes Scot is able to get free and escape. Things don’t look good for him though. He is in a snowy part of Russia and the weather is terrible. He doesn’t have much in the way of supplies but being an an ex Seal he uses what he has.

Now the fun begins. He takes off knowing he has to get to the Finland border to have a chance. The Russians are aware of the plane crash and are on their way to find them. The American Government knows who betrayed them and that Scot has been taken and are formulating their own plans.

A loose, angry, pissed-off Scot Harvath is a dangerous man. He uses all his wits and lucks out on a few occasions on his mission to save his life. He must fight wolves and the Russians in order to save his life and that of someone that is helping him. And I put the odds on Scot. The Russians are about to find out what a bad thing they did when one man wants revenge, one man will not stop until he has avenged what they did.

Brad Thor is the master of this genre. Scot Harvath is one hell of a character and is always fun to read. The story starts off fast and never lets up. It’s pure action from beginning to end and how Scot will survive is always a treat to read. Once you start reading you don’t want to put the book down that is how good it is.

You can pick up Backlash in stores on Tuesday, June 25th from Atria.

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