Book Review: ‘Back In A Spell: A Witches Of Thistle Grove Novel’ By Lana Harper

The third novel in the Witches series is another charming, romantic novel, setting up two characters from opposing families. For Nina Blackmoore, it’s been a year of heartbreak since being dumped before her wedding by her girlfriend. It’s time for her to get back to dating, and she meets handsome bartender Morty Gutierrez, at the bar his family owns, and that Nina’s family has been trying to buy. Morty has no powers yet, but after a date and night with Nina, he starts to get powers, and Nina’s start to go a bit crazy. Just what happened with the two of them to bring about a change? Now Nina must figure out, and in a hurry, what has happened, and try to fix it before it’s too late, and figure out if Morty is the one for her. Fans of this series will be happy with another fun novel in the series.

You can pick up Back In A Spell in stores on Tuesday, January 10th from Berkley.

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